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5 Bathroom Vanity Styles and the Space Problems They Solve

In many homes, the bathrooms are a necessary and important house feature but they are often also too small or designed as an afterthought in comparison with the rest of the house. Do these problems cause space issues in any of your bathrooms? If so, here are some ways that the five most popular styles of vanity can solve your particular space challenges. 

1. Two-Sink Vanities

The two-sink vanity is a must-have in most bathrooms that are shared by multiple family members, including master bathrooms. The added counter space and double sinks are perfect for families who get ready for their day at the same time. It also helps keep kids' stuff out of each other's way, preventing conflict. However, if users don't often need the vanity at the same time, it could create congestion in a small bathroom. 

2. Long One-Sink Vanities

A good alternative to the double sink vanity is one that keeps the surface area but gets rid of the extra sink. This style is, once again, great for shared bathrooms because it allows multiple users at the same time. But the single sink vanity assumes that both parties don't need the sink at the same time. Instead, it offers extra work area and mirror usage for grooming and hairstyling. 

3. Vanities with Cabinetry

Vanities that come with extensive cabinets and drawers provide the most storage options. Bathrooms with limited built-in storage for things like cleaning products, extra linens, paper products, and toiletries can add this into the space below the sink. If multiple parties use the bathroom regularly, opt for a version with lots of drawers and combine the cabinet with a well-designed organizational system under the sink. 

4. Vanities Without Cabinetry

You aren't required to have under-sink storage if you don't need it or can't fit it in. Small bathrooms or dark, closed-in ones benefit from the light visual footprint of a pedestal sink that has no extra storage. This style is great for half baths and baths in the public areas of the home because you don't usually need to store much. 

5. Corner Vanities

The vanity style most suited for the smallest spaces is a corner vanity. Tucked into the corner, these triangular units waste no space — particularly when paired with a pedestal style. If you're not sure you can even fit a bathroom into a spot, an efficient corner vanity might just make it possible. 

Which of these vanity styles might help solve your particular bathroom space needs? No matter whether your problems are user conflict or physical limitations, the right vanity choice will make the space functional and enjoyable. Learn more about your options by contacting a bathroom vanity store.